Escape the Room Games

Escape the Room games are miniature successors of the point-and-click adventure games so popular in the 1990s. Two of the defining games in the genre are Crimson Room and MOTAS (Mystery of Time and Space).

Crimson Room introduced a new type of puzzle where a click in the right place of the screen moved to a new and essential viewpoint. MOTAS stuck to the regular nature of adventure games, but its episodic nature and live chatroom gave it a novelty unknown in the adventures of yesteryear.

The coffee break format has made them popular with more casual gamers. Because they run via Flash they play directly through your Browser. Flash is the only download required, which you probably already have running. They can also be played on Nintendo Wii through your browser and through Flash-installed smartphones. 

Crimson Room (Toshimitsu Takagi 2004)

MOTAS - Mystery of Time and Space (Jan Albartus 2001-2009)